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Movement Skills Basic & Advanced

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 Climbing 101
     'The Basics'

If you are new to climbing, then this workshop is a way to get started. We will teach all the climbing terminology and basic of climbing indoors. The knowledge you learn here will get you going in the right direction.
For Beginner Climbers (5.8/5.9) who want to break into the 5.10's

What's Covered

  • Basic warm-up/cool-down
  • Footwork 101
  • Saving energy on the wall
Top Rope Belay certification
Must use climbing shoes

$20 for Members
$30 for non-members

 Movement Level 2

So now you have the basic knowledge about climbing and are climbing pretty well on easy to mid 10's, but are getting shut down on working on 5.11s. Time to up your skills.

What's Covered

  • Climbing-Specific warm-up/cool-down
  • Saving energy & initiating with lower body
  • Dynamic movement
  • Climbing drills and exercises to improve your climbing
  • Basic injury prevention
Top Rope Belay certification
Climbing min 5.10b
Movement 101 course (or equivalent skills)

$30 for Members
$40 for non-members

 Movement Level 3
    'Fine Tuning'

Now you are lead climbing but you're climbing into the 11's but unable to progress to the harder 11's or 12's.

Time for some fine tuning of your skills.

What's Covered

  • Climbing efficiently
  • Clipping strategies
  • Advanced movement skills for high performance
  • Drills/exercises to improve you climbing
  • Injury prevention
Lead climbing/belay certification
Comfortable leading any 5.10
Movement Level 2 (or equivalent skills)

$30 for Members
$40 for non-members

 Fear of Falling!

Pretty much everyone has it but most are afraid to admit it, the four letter word... 'FEAR'. It can paralyze even the most experienced climbers and make you under perform. We will teach you to take control and be comfortable climbing your projects on any terrain.

What's Covered

  • Understanding Fear
  • Risk Assessment & Management
  • Assessing Your Belayer
  • Proper Breathing Technique
  • Learn How to Control Your Fall
  • When to Push Through Moves
  • Set and Commit to Your Intentions


$75 for Members
$95 for non-members