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Top Rope Belay Lesson

Book your Top Rope lesson today... and be belaying on your own tomorrow!

 Adult 19+  $7500

All it takes is 2 hours... that's it!
Once you learn how to top rope belay, you will have access to much more climbing terrain which will give you countless hours of climbing fun.

Note: if time permits, we will also give you some basic movement skills to get you going in the right direction.

 Youth 14+  $8500

We teach Top Rope belaying to youth from 14 to 18 years of age. The Youth Lessons consists for 2 x 2hours lessons and covers all the safety and skills required to safely belay a top rope climber. As belaying is all about the safety of the climber you are belaying, you must meet a min skills requirement to pass this lesson.

Lessons are run during Teen Night Friday's 7-9pm. Must be Pre-booked.

 Kids Club 9-13yrs  $12500

We only teach top rope belaying (Gri-Gri only) to kids between 9 & 12yrs that have graduated from our Spider Kid program and are starting the Kids Club or have transferred from an equivalent program from another facility. Kids Club belay lesson consists of 4 x 2hr lessons and are taught during their first month in Kids Club.

You must be 14yrs or older to belay unsupervised at the Rock Wall.

 Belay Check

If you already know how to top rope belay, our friendly staff will belay check you FREE OF CHARGE. You must belay to the latest ACMG belay standard to belay at the Rock Wall. If you do not pass the belay test, there may be a small fee to retest.

Note: Our insurance policies dictates that only qualified Rock Wall Staff may instruct at the Rock Wall. Non-Staff are not permitted to teach any type of rescue, rappelling or belaying within our facility.