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Physical Literacy

Active Start (Under 12yrs)
The Rock Wall offer two programs to fit the Active Start stage of the LTAD.

Public Drop-in & Family Climb are both great to get your kids feet wet and experience indoor Rock Climbing.

FUNdamental (7yrs - 12yrs)
Spider Kids is the starting point where kids learn the basic skills and body movement of climbing.

Learn to Train (9yrs - 12yrs)
We start to teach young climbers how to train at the Rock Stars level (formerly known as Kids Club)and build on the basic skills and body movement they learned in Spider Kids.

Competitive Athletes

Train to Train (9yrs - 12yrs)
The first stage in the competitive stream at the Rock Wall is Competitive Team B. Here the young athletes receive most technical and physical training to prepare their minds and bodies for competitive climbing.

Train to Compete (13yrs - 17yrs)
On Competitive Team A the training and workouts intensify and the primary focus is to compete in sport climbing competitions throughout Canada.

Train to Win (18+ yrs)
Open Team is for athletes that focus on performance in competition. There is an intense level of mental and physical training and personal goals are set for podium finishes.

Active For Life

Non-Competitive Stream
This non-competitive stream is for people that just love climbing and want to stay actively involved with sport to have fun and be healthy.

Teen Night (13yrs - 18yrs)
Teen Night is a great program for teens to come climb and just have fun. There is some spot coaching to help them progress but the main focus is on being active and climbing.

Adult Night (16+ yrs)
Adult Night is a fun night for adults to come and climb for fun. The primary focus is on being active and climbing.

Adult Recreational Team (18+ yrs)
Adult Rec Team is for adult that would like to get specific technical and physical training but do not want to compete at any level. The focus is on becoming a stronger and more skilled climber for fun.

Sport Can Model

The Rock Wall aligns all of it's programs to fit with the Canadian Sport for Life Long Term Athlete Development Model (LTAD model). The reason we follow the model is so we can have a starting point for new/novice climbers and have them follow through the programs until they are either Active for Life or an Elite Athlete.

Climbing competitions are fun and rewarding, but competitions are not for everyone which is why we offer two program streams; Non-Competitive & Competitive.

Studies have proved that kids enrolled in organized sports which follow this model are more likely to live a healthy, active lifestyle when they reach adulthood.